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headset or fork installation new frame - $75
headset or fork installation used frame(requires removing of old parts and cleaning) - $85
machinning of frame,fork and stem(for of threadless headset) is performed for every headset or fork installation.

The headset of the bicycle consists of two sets of bearings rolling between two sets of races, at the top and bottom of the head tube. To work well, these bearing races must be aligned to one another and to the fork steering column so the only load they are getting is the way the were designed to be used.
During manufacturing, the welding may cause the head tube to become warped and deformed.or paint can make contact surfaces of headtube warped 9(not squared or flat),ewen if it was fine before painting. It is then necessary to re-machine the head tube faces(where top an bottom races are pressed),stem(for threadless fork) and the fork's crown(where the crown race is pressed).

bike service headtube of new bicycle frame.
bike service facing headtube
bike service machining headtube with facing tool
bike service unfinished job.that is clear that the face of the headtube was uneven-squared tool shaved off only part of the surface.
bike service this is an example of ovalized head-tube of new frame:it still isn't perfect after machining,but the best it can be.