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  ENO Fixed Gear /Single Speed Hub

Item: ENO;Eccentric;32 hole;Fixed/Free;for vertical dr/out;use only WI cog;REAR only

Price: $135

Shipping: FREE

Color: Silver

Size: 130mm/32hole

Description: This is a fixed gear hub that could be used with vertical drop outs without needing a chain tensioner. The hub houses two sealed cartridge bearings, an aluminum axle, and stainless steel axle ends. The key is the location of the fixing bolts located in the axle ends. The bolts are offset 7.5mm from the center of the axle.Normally the fixing bolts are centered to the axle. Once in the frame the axle ends can rotate 180 degrees which gives 15mm of travel. Therefore, by rotating the axle ends you can attain proper chain tension.The eccentric ENO is a flip flop design allowing the rider to use a White Industries specific fixed gear on one side and a standard english threaded freewheel on the other. 32 hole/126mm spaced hubs are usualy in stock.The hub can be ordered in 32h or 36h for frame spacings of 126mm, 130mm or 135mm.IMPORTANT:only Wite industries track cog can work with this hub.
This hub can be professionally Build into a wheel in the shop.

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