24 hour repair turnaround

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  Chris King Headset

Item: Chris King 1 1/8 threadless;assorted colors

Price: $154

Shipping: FREE

Description: The NoThreadSet features aluminum cups, bearing cap, and stemcap built around our renowned stainless steel sealed bearings. Each NoThreadSet includes a stainless steel baseplate and our custom starnut with bolt. Ten colors are available in 1-1/8"size.Please,check www.chrisking.com for color images.The most of the colors are in stock.Please ,call 718-302-3145 for availability.
As the part of an agreement with manufacturer of this nice item,we can not sell it "mail order":manufacturer wants this item to be installed properly;"Bicycle doctor" Has knowledge and Ability(Tools)to install this nice headset the way that it will last "service free" for the longest time possible.
However,if you want to buy it and install it elsewhere,you can do it only visiting the shop.

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