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  Spokes Custom Cut

Item: Spokes Black.230 through310mm.Double Butted.SAPIM 18 spokes

Price: $35

Shipping: FREE

Color: Black

Size: 230-310.Cut to Order

Description: Spokes.Any Size 230-310mm.2mm./1.8mm./2mm.Double Butted.Made by SAPIM.Stainless Steel.Best Quality.US made

18 spokes of the same chosen size 230mm.trough 310mm

measured from the SPOKES "ELBOW"INSIDE BENT TO THE END OF THE SPOKE.See picture below:spoke on the ruller:correctly positioned-0 is on the inside of the "elbow"bend,this one measures 76mm.

nipples are NOT included

since the spokes are hand cut and threaded, please,note:the difference in the size one set could be up to 1mm.

please, check more different sizes(I have 60-310mm);more colors(black,Red, Green, Blue,Wite,Gold);straight gauge,double butted and direct pull spokes

length calculation is the byers responsibility and homework .please do not ask if the spokes will work for your rim&hub

will ship FREE to continental US.ship worldwide,please ask for shipping quote.

Important Shipping Information:
We accept PayPal and all major credit cards via PayPal. A Paypal account is not needed, and you won't need to sign up for one.
If shipping is "Free"- it is within continental US only,shipping is not "Free" to overseas ,Puerto Rico or Hawaii
once the payment for the item clears, separate PayPal invoice for shipping and handling will be sent.Items are sent once payments are cleared.

Sizes and Colors
Please use the "Notes to Seller" field in PayPal to specify size and color where appropriate. We will notify you via email if clarification is needed.

International orders
We accept international orders. Once an order is recieved we will invoice shipping charges at actual global express mail rates. Orders will be shipped on payment of shipping invoice.

In case of return for any reason other than damaged or "not as described item.
Shipping fees that paid by "bicycle doctor" are not refundable and buyer is responsible for shipping it back in original packaging .prior e-mail authorization is needed for any returns.

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