24 hour repair turnaround

All Services > Annual Bicycle Service.2.ESSENTIAL tune-up.$110 ; $145 for E-Bike (mechanical part only)

Please, note-determining which type of tune-up package would be the best for given bicycle and what parts needed to be replaced ,can be done ONLY upon mechanics INSPECTION, can not be quoted over the phone.

ESSENTIAL tune-up is recommended for the bicycles that are used daily during season.
1.Tightening all fasteners.
2.Brake adjustment.
3.Replacing brake pads and cables,if necessary(parts are extra)
4.Gear adjustment.
5.Replacing gear cables,if necessary(parts are extra)
6.Chain lubrication.
7.True and center wheels,tencion spokes.
8.Adjust all adjustable bearings.
9.Lubrication of All cables(gear and brakes)
Parts that might need to be replaced are NOT included in the price of service.

If bicycle needs more work than above: complete cleaning,bearing overhaul etc.,more involved service packadges are recommended.